Online shopping is no longer a thing that only young people are doing to find cheap deals.  Its a way of life.  Everything is cheaper online because stores are no longer having to pay rent to keep the business running.  They can save money and pay it forward to the the customer!  this is the case for most thing, but not for jewellery and especially not when you want to buy gold jewellery online.

diamond jewellery with GIA certificated diamonds

To buy gold jeweler online may seem like a good idea but it isn’t the case.  Check out the 5 reasons why it isnt such a great idea.

1. How much do you weigh – Gold has a specific weight, and in fact is traded by its weight.  The price you pay is completely based on weight, so its very unlikely to find a cheap deal.   It can happen that the online store tells you its gold, but its actually just gold plated metal and therefore you are buying into something that is fake.

2. Colour perfect – Pictures can tell a lie.  They can be enhanced and made to look shiny and are in fact scrap metal that has been made to look like solid 14k or more gold.

3. Design – Perhaps you had the perfect design in your head for your jewelry.  But sometimes you don’t and its hard to make decisions when they are not in front of you.  You may often make the wrong decision and this can be hard ti deal with especially since you have spent so much to get the perfect jewelry for you.

So don’t buy gold jewelry online, and instead head to places in London such as Hatton Garden where the stores are experts and they show you what you can buy while you are there. no catalog, no drawings, but real examples of what you can buy.  the best part is that you can take the jewellery home that day.


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