Its coming up to that magical time, that being Christmas, and if you are here, its probably because you want to know the best place to buy diamonds this Christmas.

Well the simple answer is Hatton Garden in London.  This is by far the best place to buy diamonds at any time of the year, but if you are planning on treating yourself or buying a gift for that special someone, then you need to start with the diamond and then design the jewellery piece you want.  It can be a ring, a necklace or even a bracelet.  Christmas time is extra magical because you are with everyone you love and you want to add something special to the mix that will last forever!

You made it to Hatton garden and now you need to find the best place to buy the diamond so you can make the jewellery extra special and tailor it to your needs and price.  Buying the parts all separate can actually save you money because you are cutting out the middle man, also known as the high street shops and can get a great bargain for what you are actually buying.

There are many stores within Hatton Garden that can help you pick out the diamonds, the ring and have it made up for you within days.  The beauty is that every tradesman related to jewellery is all packed into one little area.

It’s been know that Finecraft are the best place to buy diamonds in all of Hatton Garden.  Why do they have this reputation?  Well they have been around for years and have managed to make some great connections with the people who source the stones.  So you are getting the best price possible, and can make the perfect gift for that special someone or just for you…we don’t mind!

Another store based in Hatton, where can certainly be named one of the best place to buy diamonds is  They have many locations and sell ready made jewellery pieces.  We cant be certain that they will tailor make the design for you, like Finecraft do, but you can also go check it out!

This Christmas can be truly amazing and you can know that you can go and find the best place to buy diamonds in Hatton Garden and be happy with the price and design.  Christmas can sparkle all the way into 2014 and beyond.