When it comes to deciding you want to buy diamonds or a piece of jewellery, you often have to decide where is the best place to buy diamonds, in order to make a good purchase.  This purchase will have to last a life time because like the song says, diamonds are forever.  These durable little nuggets will be a long term purchases you need to be happy with.

So first you need to know the area of London that sells the and offers the best place to buy diamonds.  You must head over to Hatton Garden in the east end of London.  There you have a whole array of choices anywhere from craftsman of metals, that help make the jewellery, and those who source the diamonds from the mines.  You can really make a tailor made design with prices to match your budget.

Making the right decision on this big purchase is important so here are the top recommendations of where the best place to buy diamonds really is:

Finecraft – These guys have been around for many years, and offer a boutique style service with a very personal touch. The jewellery on offer can be custom made to your desires, with tailor made prices.  They specialise in diamonds straight from the source, with an army of the finest craftsmen at hand to make the perfect piece for you.

Ace of Diamonds – They specialise in diamonds so its certain that you can find the right stone for the right price.  They also care to make sure you are not getting a bad deal.  It surely is one choice for the best place to buy diamonds in London.  Its a contender, but we have other favourites.

Engagement Rings of London – Exactly what it says on the tin with these guys.  They offer a large selection of rings for engagements and since it is their expertise, they might even give you tips on how to propose to your special someone.

These 3 choices are the best place to buy diamonds and of course there are many other choices, but these were our favourites.  Head over to Hatton Garden in London and make that purchase even more fun!