Hatton garden is the place to buy diamonds and jewellery but often people don’t know that they also have the best Christmas and Boxing day treats around.  Sales and shopping are a big part of this wonderful time of year, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t head over to Hatton Garden for some great deals.

Hatton Garden can offer you the finest jewellery at the best prices around.  Here you are getting expert advise from jewellers who are more than happy to make and design beautiful pieces just for you. What’s great about the area of jewellery in London is that the experts make the jewellery straight from the source, so that means the prices can match any budget and be tailor made not only in design but in price too.

So Boxing day is coming, and that means sales that will last well into the new year!  We are all likely to head to the west end in London to get our hands on some bargains, but what if you want to buy that special gift for that special person?  It may cost you a lot of money to stick to the high street, when you can hop on a bus, and head over to Hatton Garden close to the west end and get the perfect gift for you or your partner.  Perhaps you plan to propose this New Years, and need to have the ring just in time.

Heading over to Jewellers like Finecraft jewellers will be the best (or second best) choice you will make!  The guys here, who have been around since the 50’s selling and designing jewellery to Londoners far and wide can help you pick the perfect design because everything is done by them.  Even if you have no idea of what to do, you can sit with them and understand what you need, and then go about designing it.

They are the perfect choice and can make your budget friendly needs met.  This can be at any time of the year of course, and not just over the Christmas period.  Contact the guys at Finecraft jewellers via the website and find out when they can sit with you.

Hatton Garden can be a true delight, especially from all the holiday shopping you will be doing.