Hatton Garden has its reputation. It’s a great one so don’t be scared off.  The little area of London that focuses on jewellery and diamonds has a great reputation or quality! Quality that cuts out the middle man and doesn’t add huge prices to the good. a place where only the finest of craftsmen work on your designs and only the best diamonds and stones are sources.

Hatton Garden, in London’s east end has history.   It dates back to royalty and how past kings and queens established this area to become the go to place for jewellery and diamonds.

Look at it this way…when you want the best shoes, you go to Jimmy, and when you want the best jewellery, you go to the place where quality meets style, and that’s Hatton Garden.

Quality comes with care, and usually with a high price but in the case of jewellers in Hatton Garden, you get quality, care and good prices that are tailored to you.  The prices are much lower than high street stores.  They are adding the price for the brand name and you shouldn’t have to pay for that.  It’s already a big purchase, perhaps for an engagement ring, so why head to a high street brand that will only add on costs for you being in their store.

Hatton Garden stops this happening by offering experts who are giving you prices that don’t have high mark ups.  These prices can be tailored to your needs and still offer quality and style.  What could be better than that?

If you want to know are the best people to go to, then the answer is simple.  All of them!  They each have skills that come from years of hands on experience that brings class, quality and style.

Heading to Hatton Garden won’t be a bad decision.  Its will be the best decision you make.


Finecraft Diamonds is based in Hatton Garden, London’s Diamond District. Online, Finecraft Diamonds can be found at www.approveddiamonds.com. They offer some of the best prices in town so if you’re thinking about popping the question and don’t know where to start then pay a visit to the shop and Finecraft Diamonds can help you to make the right choice.

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