Its that time of year again when the lights are up and everyone is in the Christmas spirit.  Hatton garden is decorated like any other street in London and its truly magical.

Hatton Garden, best know for being the capital of jewellery and diamonds, as well as a historic place in London can offer you the best shopping you want for that special someone or just to treat yourself to a gorgeous piece.

So what have you got planned for the perfect gift for you or that special person. It’s your lucky day because we are going to offer you some great choices for the season to choose, and then where you cna buy them!  Just like a Christmas package wrapped up from hatton garden and tailored to you.

Hatton Garden Christmas shopping list:

A beautiful eternity ring for your spouse/partner – this symbolises a lifetime together and what better time to offer this gift than at Christmas from the center of jewellery in London, Hatton garden.

Beautiful earrings to go with the party dress she just bought!  The latest fashion is trend is chunky and being worn by every celeb.  They probably had them tailor made in Hatton Garden

accessories are all the craze this Christmas, and in hatton garden they are offering some great pieces that are sure to make you wan to go back for more.  We are talking bracelets, necklaces and more.

Christmas is a special time of year and it can become even more magical with the help of some tradesman in Hatton Garden!

check out the top 3 jewellers in Hatton garden.  Don’t forget that this a top spot in London for Christmas shopping and many celebs have been spotted here.

Finecraft Jewellers – Top jeweller around since the early days.  They are experts in sourcing diamonds straight from the mines, and bringing you jewellery that you have designed with a member of the team and have had tailor made right in the heart of hatton garden.  This can be the place you buy your Christmas gift, perhaps that eternity ring we suggested.

The garden workshop – These guys say it in the name.  They are a workshop and so this means they can make pretty much any kind of fashion statement jewellery you want.

COO Hatton Garden – These guys specialise in weddings and engagement, based in Hatton Garden, and so if you plan on popping the question for Christmas, then these guys might be the right choice for you.

We hope this helped you make a few decisions for this years Christmas shopping. Hatton garden is the right choice for you and the tailor made service with prices to match your budget are what you wanted.