Tis the season to be merry and bright! What a better way to celebrate than to ask the woman you love to marry you. It’s always an exciting time when you begin the planning process, but we have some tips here to make your life a little easier, or so we hope.

First stop, you need to pick out the ring! If you want to surprise her, A BFF or family member will be able to help point you to a style she likes or even a Pinterest page where she’s captured her favourite images for her own dreamtime. Some jewellers, like us, are proud of being designers of bespoke jewellery, so you can also consider designing your own to create your own masterpiece


Time to think about the way you want to propose. It’s busy at the holiday season, so find a time when you can both slip away from your family responsibilities. The key to a proposal that will win her heart is to make it her story. For inspiration, think about a favourite movie or your first date, or adventures you’ve been on. Find a way to tie that in and you’ll be guaranteed a proposal to remember!


Another idea is to involve her family and friends. A surprise proposal that has both of your families surrounding you is sure to elicit smiles and some fun stories for years!


Ask her parents for permission – why not? It’s a time honoured tradition. You may already have the blessing of her mum and dad, so take time to thank them and share with them how much you love their daughter. However, if you are surprising your soon-to-be fiance, we suggest NOT telling them when you will propose so they don’t accidentally spill the beans!


No matter what, have fun with your proposal and enjoy every minute – it will be a memory for you both for many years to come.