Each time you wear your favorite jewel, you are adding a fine coat of grime on the surface of the piece. Whether you wear diamonds or turquoise, pearls or sterling silver, over time the grime can dull and fade their surfaces. The good news is that cleaning your jewellery is very easy and you can utilize inexpensive household ingredients as gentle cleansers that can bring the shine back to your jewellery.

Gold and Silver Jewellery with Precious Stones
1- Locate a mild dish soap and pour into a bowl. Add warm water and allow bubbles to form.
2- Place your jewellery into the bowl. Silver and gold pieces with precious stones such as diamonds and emeralds are ideal for this type of cleaning. Soak for about 30 minutes.
3- Remove jewellery from water and 1 by 1, hold each piece over a second bowl of clean rinse water. Gently scrub with the old toothbrush. Poke gem settings with a toothpick to check for loose prongs. Use care to hold the jewellery over the bowl in case a stone comes loose, then gently rinse each piece individually in the clean rinse water.

Allow to air dry on a clean dry cloth. When completely dry, polish with a jeweler’s cloth and your jewellery will come out like new.