The art of buying that diamond jewellery shouldn’t be left to the local high street and what you have at your finger tips. The internet allows you to go that step further without having to leave your city (if you’re in London that is).  The key is to find the jeweller that makes it worth the search and many of them reside in the world famous diamond district of London, named Hatton Garden. There you will find the right Hatton Garden Jewellers for you.

1. Start with a simple Google search

Try searching using keywords like “Hatton Garden Jewellers” and you’ll probably come across this site, Or maybe try “fine crafted diamond hatton garden” and you will get this site showing up on your search list.

2. Is the Jewellery shop easy to get to?

Hatton Garden is accessible by many forms of transport as it is located in East Central London. Farringdon Station is the closest tube station to the diamond district with access to over-ground train lines too. Hatton Garden is location just off the Holborn Viaduct so it’s easily accessible by car too. Now you can find the best Hatton Garden Jeweller for you in no time.

map of finecraft

3. Do they make Custom Jewellery?

One of the hardest things to overcome when buying a piece of diamond jewellery is having to buy the ring that everyone could possibly be wearing. It’s what’s in the shop, so you have to buy it.

Well, no! That shouldn’t be the case. Many Jewellers in Hatton Garden offer bespoke designs according to what you as the consumer wants. Nobody wants to present the ring upon proposal to have their girlfriend say “Ohh how lovely, that’s the same ring my best friend has. Now we can be ring buddies!”.  Nobody wants that to happen so a great solution is to get a ring designed just the way you and your love want it to look like.

4. Are they open on the Weekend?

This is considered to be a huge factor in many people’s decision making process. We all lead busy lives and not many of us have the time to leave work and go searching for the ring. If the shop is open on a Saturday or Sunday, then that is perfect.

Starting with these steps is easy and once you find your way around, check out a few ring styles, you’ll be on your way to finding that perfect shop and perfect ring for your big question!


Finecraft Diamonds is based in Hatton Garden, London’s Diamond District. Online, Finecraft Diamonds can be found at They offer some of the best prices in town so if you’re thinking about popping the question and don’t know where to start then pay a visit to the shop and Finecraft Diamonds can help you to make the right choice.

Finecraft is also on Facebook and Twitter. Get social with the finest in diamond jewellery.