This London Diamond ring guide is going to make your decision final because here we will highlight all that you need to know and what your diamond shape will say about you.

This is a crucial moment in this stage of your life because it will show everyone around you what kind of girl you really are. Are you a classic and chic gal, or a wild and trend-setter type. Let’s spell it out for you and let you find out what your London Diamond rings will say about you.

By this stage in your research for the perfect diamond ring know about the four Cs of diamonds. But when it comes to your engagement ring, the one and most important decisions you have to make if what shape your diamond will be.

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It is your decision in the end because you will be wearing your engagement ring with pride for the rest of your life so it needs to be right especially when the shape says a lot about your style and what kind of woman you are. After all you want to be looking glam when you’re rockin’ it in your 50’s and 60’s.

Round Cut

Also known as the normal diamond cut, it still is the most classic shape out there in the diamond world. Choose this and you will ooze classic chic ’til you’re old and grey!

Oval Cut

The oval cut is the sophisticated alternative to the traditional round cut diamond if the traditional is too ‘normal’ for you. You want to stand out after all?

This diamond shape’s sparkle is on a higher level than the round cut but it’s elongated look makes the oval diamonds a bit more elegant and unique.

Pear Shaped Cut

If you are not feeling the oval cut then why not go with a pear shaped diamond. It’s similar to the oval but with a tear-drop shape to add to it’s beauty. It is an uncommon shape since many like to go with a traditional shape when choosing the ring yet it is a very beautiful diamond at the same time. It’s uniqueness enables you to have a ring which really makes an impact. That’s what you want right? Yes, of course you do.

Princess Cut

Princess shaped diamonds are square in shape and are the second most popular option after round cut diamonds. Princess shaped engagement rings are for the bride who wants something traditional but with a modern edge to it.

Emerald Cut

Emerald shaped diamonds show the most flaws due to their shape, with their thin and long shape, so unless you hubby to be is willing to shell out for a flawless diamond, this may not be the best route to go.

It’s shape enables the naked eye to see much more internal flaws than any other diamond shape. Suitable for the side diamonds in a ring setting. Oozes classic beauty if done right.

Asscher Cut

One of my favourite diamond cut with its art-deco vibe and natural sophisticated look, its definitely the ring I would choose to make me look retro chic now and classic, sophisticated and trendy when I’m old. Imagine it set in a rose gold halo setting…*drool*

It has a definite retro inspired look to it and with it’s art deco vibe that is coming back into style by the way, your style factor will hit the roof. While it does have a retro vibe, asscher is a diamond cut for the trend-setter girls out there.

Cushion Cut

Last but certainly not least, the Cushion cut, my absolute favourite diamond shape, is the modern version of the princess cut but with rounded off corners to soften the tone on the ring.

This diamond looks so elegant and classic when set in a solitaire setting that’s its almost too much to bear. The antique style cut would look perfect in a White Gold, Platinum or my recommendation in Rose Gold setting. If it’s the Gatsby style classic elegance you’re looking for in your diamond ring then this is the shape for you.


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