The whole Christmas experience and especially the atmosphere can be something truly special.  We all love it and this is especially the case when buying London diamonds.

London diamonds are something very special because they are usually coming from the place in London that sources the stones.  The area is called Hatton Garden and all the top vendors are there selling the finest of products and excellent services. Hatton Garden and London diamonds in particular have prices for the end product are usually much cheaper than major high street jewellers.  places like Tiffany or places in the shopping centre are actually buying their diamonds from this area and jewellers and diamonds dealers in Hatton Garden.  So why go to a shopping centre when you can go straight to the source?

Christmas can be hard, and expensive for many people and often you want it to be the most magical time for you and your loves ones.  Jewellery can be hard to pull of especially if budgets are the factor in it all.  This is why London diamonds are the choice for you!  The designs can be tailor made to your needs and with prices to match any budget.  It doesn’t have to be a second mortgage to have that special moment last forever!

Making sure you buy the right London diamonds means only one thing…and that’s to head over to Finecraft Jewellers in Hatton Garden.  These guys offer a great experience during the Christmas season and any other time of the year and can offer the best prices for the most beautiful designs.  What we have found is that you can go into the shop, sit down with the owners and pick and choose what you want and need according to your tastes and price range.  The prices wont compare to the high street or those jewellers you find in the shopping centre they are cutting out the middle man and offering London diamonds straight from the source. This means quality as well as good prices.

We certainly hope you have a very merry Christmas and get the perfect gift you have always wanted.