Some things have a seasonal value and are somewhat cheaper during those periods of time and more expensive in other seasons.  This isn’t the case for Diamonds and in fact now and when ever is the best time to buy diamonds.

The prices don’t go up or down according to seasons, so the best advise one can give you is whenever you are ready to buy, both financially and for the right occasion, its the best time to buy diamonds.

The area to get the best deals aren’t in the shopping centre or on the high street, its in London’s Hatton Garden.  If you haven’t heard of the area before, check out this piece about the history of it all.  The prices are lower because of the lack of a ‘middle’ man, and the designs can be tailor made to your needs and your budget too.

Finecraft Jewellers, who are based in the center of Hatton Garden have a long history of making fine jewellery that can be worn for years,  You can even pick out the diamond you want at the best time to buy diamonds.  Now!

Not to say that you should all go out and start buying all the diamonds you see. That would be silly of course, but the title says it.  Whenever you are ready, is a good time for you, and the industry.  There are no seasonal trends, just fashion trends that don’t affect the price or your needs.  All year round is ideal, and most importantly, when you are ready financially and to pop the big question, or to just buy a special piece for your loved ones.