Diamond Bracelet and Bangle Collection in Hatton Garden

Finecraft Jewellery has a beautiful collection of diamond bracelets and bangles in our Hatton Garden shop. Our pieces are lined with only the finest diamonds and gemstones in the market. The bracelets rest delicately and comfortably on your wrists, enhancing any look. Whether it’s a daytime event or a formal occasion you’re dressed up for, they are the perfect accessory.

Our collection’s bracelets come in three shades of gold: white gold, rose gold and true gold. We have thin-strapped bangles for an intricate addition to your outfit as well as thick brilliant diamond bracelets that are striking against a bare arm. Our most prestigious piece is the Art Decò Style bracelet with three rows of cultured pearls and diamonds. Wear it and own the night.

At Finecraft Jewellery, we create pieces that stay with you for a lifetime. Visit our Hatton Garden shop today.

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