There are often discussions as to where the best place to buy diamonds really is. Some say Europe, some say India, and some say America.  Well the right answer seems to be London.  Not everyone can make a trip to India just to buy some stones for the perfect ring they will make, and not all can really afford it either. London offers such a wide range of stones with prices to suit any budget, that it has been voted the best place to buy diamonds!

Now, lets take a step back and see why you would want a diamond in the first place instead of heading to your local high street store.  Perhaps you were thinking to propose, or to give a luxury anniversary gift?  Perhaps you don’t want to spend so much money because you are on a budget and this is considered a luxury item to splurge on.  Well this is why you turn to buying the diamond itself and having it made especially for you.  Jewellers who are mainly based in Hatton Garden are there working with the tradesmen, i.e. the setters and the polishers to make you the perfect ring, or necklace or whatever it is you decide to have made.

London’s top jeweller, Finecraft Jewellers, based in Hatton Garden are there to make sure you make the prefect choice and design it to your needs and budget. They offer certified diamonds in all shapes and sizes and at the best price possible. They will get it made up for you and are partly the reason why people say they are top in London and partly why London is the best place to buy diamonds in all of Europe.

There are many other choices to go and check out and we recommend you do your research, and you can find them all in Hatton Garden.

Check out some tips to understand why the best place to buy diamonds is in fact in London.

Side note: You may have come across this blog post because you are thinking of buying the loose diamonds as a business, and if that’s the case, we recommend heading over to this part of London and see who you can do business with.  Its a competitive world and its often best to leave to the experts who have been in the business for over 70 years.