In many respects, ‘Cut’ may well be considered as the most important of the value-factors widely known as the “four Cs”. It is the only one of the four Cs directly influenced by man and the difference between a poorly-cut diamond and a diamond which has been beautifully-fashioned is dramatic.

The “round brilliant cut” diamond – the most popular of the diamond shapes – is usually fashioned so that its proportions do not deviate too drastically from certain parameters. A round brilliant that has been cut within these parameters – combined with a beautiful finish (the degree of polish on the facets and how symmetrical the placement of these facets) results in optimum return-of-light to the viewer.

Diamonds are cut in a wide variety of shapes – oval, rectangular, square and “cushion” to name but a few – and these are known as “fancy-shape” diamonds. Many of these shapes have specific names based on their facet arrangements – e.g the “Princess” cut and the “Radiant” cut. When selecting a fancy-shape diamond, one should be looking for a pleasing outline however everyone has their own preferences for these.

Regardless of shape, a well-cut diamond will be “fiery” (a dazzling display of the spectral colours) and have “brilliance” (white light). In the trade we refer to such well-cut diamonds a being of “good make”.

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