There are a number of top hatton gardens jewellers London regional and within and they are all experts in the trade.  What’s interesting is that once you enter the little area of heaven, you wont ever head to a named brand shop that you would seen on the high street again.  Why?  Because these guys give you better prices, expert advice and you can tailor make the design to your every need.  That’s what these guys are here for and why they just love supplying diamonds and jewellery to the British public.

This London special is brought to you so you can make sure you make the right decision in one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make and get down to London to get your hatton garden diamond deal.

The top Hatton Garden jewellers London style are really making and breaking the fashion in jewellery.  Top gurus go to these experts for advice and now make sure it accessible to everyone.

So who are these top tradesman who can see into the windows of your shopping souls? You should be going to buy the right diamonds from these guys.


These experts have been around since 1955 and you know what that means…they know what they are talking about. Take their advice and enjoy your results.

Finecraft Diamonds

map of finecraft


Madison offers the broadest range of diamond rings which are made in their own workshop. Nice, quick service we’re guessing..


A high-end jewellers offering one of London’s finest selections of rings. Styles range from traditional and vintage through to cutting-edge and contemporary

What more could you ask for? Stop by the Hatton Garden area in London and find out which diamond shop is your best option.


Finecraft Diamonds is based in Hatton Garden, London’s Diamond District. Online, Finecraft Diamonds can be found at They offer some of the best prices in town so if you’re thinking about popping the question and don’t know where to start then pay a visit to the shop and Finecraft Diamonds can help you to make the right choice.

Finecraft is also on Facebook and Twitter. Get social with the finest in diamond jewellery.