Okay, so you’ve got a great job, the amazing girl, the great relationship. So, now what? Well, you’re ready for the next step right? What’s the next step? The Engagement Ring of course!

When taking on this next stage in your life, you must ask yourself “When is the best time to buy the diamonds and that diamond rings?”. You have to be prepared financially and emotionally for this purchase.

When is the best time to buy diamonds?

Well any time would be considered the best time to buy diamonds but statistically they say the month of July is the best month to buy diamonds.

During the summer month, a lot of people are saving their money for a summer holiday and therefore not spending so retailers sometimes use this time of no spending to lower their prices in order to maintain and increase sales during the low month.

Best Diamond Shape

Let’s quickly recap on this subject. We talked about diamond shape in a previous post but here’s some quick pointers. In order to keep costs down and likability up, choose a simple set ring with a round cut diamond. You can’t go wrong with this and worst case scenario, your bride to be changes the ring style on your first wedding anniversary.

diamond jewellery with GIA certificated diamonds

Let’s recap!

There is a financially best time to buy diamonds – as we said in the summer months like July but in truth, the best time to buy diamonds for an engagement ring is when it’s right for you. When you feel like you want to pop the question, whether it’s on a grand trip abroad or a nice Saturday night-in with a takeaway and film, you’ll know that you can pop over to the Hatton Garden area of London and get yourself a great deal.


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