diamond jewellery with GIA certificated diamonds

Its often a certain time in your life when you need to get down to finding the perfect London diamonds.  Its going to be a big purchase but by going to London diamond dealers, you are going to get a great price, a great service and tailor made designs.

London diamonds are special because they often come straight from the source and are brought in by experts.  The London diamonds dealers are experts in their trade and have been designing and choosing diamonds for people since the 1800’s.

SO, when is it the right time to go shopping for that special piece?  Is it for an engagement ring, or perhaps a wedding anniversary?  Either way, heading to Hatton Garden will be the right choice for you.  London diamonds are something special because of Hatton Garden and you will get expert advice that will make the experience something to remember and recommend for years to come.

Check out this step by step guide to choosing the right London diamonds dealer and getting the gift that keeps on giving.

Choose the shape

There are many shapes and cuts in the diamond world.  you need make sure its something that you will love forever because after all diamonds do last forever.

Choose your price range

You need to be happy with the purchase and even though Hatton garden shops are cheaper than places like Tiffany, it’s still a big purchase.  If you have a guide you can understand what you are likely to get.  But whats special about London diamonds dealers is the price can suit your budget.

Choose the setting

Do you want a necklace, a ring or some beautiful earrings?  Whatever it is, you need to know because these London diamonds dealers will need to know so they can get the best deal for you not to mention the perfect  setting.

London diamonds dealers are unique and will offer a great deal that will be perfect for that special gift or that life changing moment when you get married.  Make sure you check the stores out and get the best person helping you.


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