What is it exactly about London diamond rings that gets people and celebrities so excited.  The allure of hatton garden in London makes all types of customers come from far and wide just to purchase  London diamond rings.

A little history

Hatton garden where most London diamond rings are made and bought by happy customers is where experts come from far and wide to sell and share their work.  It dates back to the time of the queen where she brought expert tradesmen to the area so they could produce wonders for her and her family.

Here you have anything from goldsmiths, to diamond cutters and metal workers who are setting the stones into glorious pieces.  The area of London is a must go for so many people, that even high street jewellers are either opening up shop in the area or source all their goods from Hatton Garden.

(Hatton Garden in the olden days)

Why London?

London diamond rings are something usually bought for a special occasion for that special person when you pop the question.  So you need to make sure it’s done right.  Making sure its done right means going to experts, and like I mentioned before the people are here offering the goods straight from the source, or almost at least.

London diamond rings

Stores like Finecraft Jewellers source the diamonds straight from the mines, and bring them tom you with in house setters who can make the designs you want with tailor made prices.  The best part of buying London diamond rings is the price is going to better that those of Tiffany & Co, or places in the shopping centre.  You get to design it yourself so there is no sacrifices here.

Make sure to come to places like Finecraft’s and pick the perfect tailor made London diamond rings and make yourself or that special someone very happy.


Finecraft Diamonds is based in Hatton Garden, London’s Diamond District. Online, Finecraft Diamonds can be found at www.approveddiamonds.com. They offer some of the best prices in town so if you’re thinking about popping the question and don’t know where to start then pay a visit to the shop and Finecraft Diamonds can help you to make the right choice.

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