At this point, you may have done your research, received a few hints from the future bride, and have even talked to some friends about what Best Diamond Shape for Engagement Ring really is.  There are many choices of course and they are all a matter of taste when it comes to picking the right one.  We wouldn’t be here if there was only one choice, one design and one colour to choose from.

So with your research, and from seeing what celebrities have decided was the Best Diamond Shape for Engagement Ring for you, you can get an idea of taste, style and hopefully with a few hints from some friends, you can pick what’s best for you.

Most people go for the classic ‘Round’ or square diamonds.  In the industry the classic square cut is called a ‘Princess Cut’.  Yes, for your special princess/bride to be. But this may not necessarily be the best choice if you really have no idea of what’s best.

Places in Hatton garden in the heart of London can offer you guided answers that will make you choose the right spot.  Our very own Finecraft Jewellers in Hatton garden can give tailor made prices for the ring you know will be right for you.

We mentioned ‘Princess Cut’, and ‘Round’, but there are many others that are timeless and have a lot of class and style.  After all, you want the ring to be beautiful and unique too. Many buyers recently have been coming to the store in Hatton Garden and have been asking for cuts such as ‘Asscher Cut’, or ‘Radiant Cut’.  Both in the square region of shapes, but with small differences that make them look unique and classic.  All the better to be the Best Diamond Shape for Engagement Ring.   You can also get rounder cuts and those even with specific shapes, such as ‘Heart’ shape.

Our advise, is to go and look outside the norm, and speak to the team at FineCraft and get the best deal, design and price for your needs.  People often go for these classic cuts, and its about time fashion took over and makes your big purchase timeless.