Making the decision to propose to your lover is not the most difficult part about a proposal. It is choosing the right ring that perfectly epitomizes your feelings towards that person. With so many styles of engagement rings today, getting the right one can seem like a daunting task and throughout the process, it is easy to forget what makes a ring truly special.

Here are three simple things that you need to be mindful of when selecting that ring for your partner:

The Look

Whether you have a specific budget or the sky’s the limit, when it comes to the engagement ring, thinking about how the ring will look on your lover’s hand will make it truly special as they will wear it for the rest of their lives.

Familiarising yourself with the components of the ring will help you visualise it on your lover’s hands.

  • Shank – also known as the band. If possible, you need to measure your lover’s finger size for the shank. But rings can always be resized if necessary.
  • Head – also known as the setting, this holds the centre stone of the ring
  • Centre Stone – the main stone in a solitaire, engagement rings typically have diamonds, this is where the four Cs (cut, clarity, carat and colour) come in, but some can have other gemstones
  • Shoulder – the top two sides of a ring
  • Side Stones – the stones on either side of the centre stone
  • Claws/Bezel – These are different styles of setting incorporated into the Head of the ring.
  • Gallery – the Head as seen from side profile
  • Girdle – The widest point, and the setting edge of a gemstone.

A halo ring is a type of ring that has a centre diamond or gemstone embellished with a collection of round micro size diamonds that form a halo in contrast to just two side stones. This design highlights the ring’s centre stone which will create a dazzling effect. When you present your lover a halo ring with a protruding centre stone, your love takes centre stage and every time they look down at their finger, they’ll be reminded of the meaning of their ring.

The Meaning

It is easy to get lost thinking about all the elements of the ring, but the most important thing when selecting the ring is the meaning. An engagement ring holds a promise, a person’s feelings and memories. But only you can know which ring can hold that meaning. Some meanings are clear to everyone but some rings are so intimate that their meaning can only be known to the two.

While the actual proposal is a momentous occasion, the journey to the proposal and the steps leading up to it is a beautiful experience. It allows you to reflect on the relationship that the two of you have nurtured together.

The Jewellers

Whether you are set on keeping your proposal a secret or have enlisted the help of your most trusted friend, the jeweller is the person who will work with you to choose the right ring. At Finecraft Jewellery, we create bespoke engagement rings to hold the meaning of your proposal and personalise it to match your lover’s preference. As one of the oldest jewellery shops in Hatton Garden, our excellent craftsmanship and personable service strive to make your proposal truly special.

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